Render vs. Reality

A project where the design came to life.

We just finished the photo shooting for one of the apartments we designed last summer. The gallery for photoshootings is still a work in progress on our website, but I will tease you today with a kind of before and after photo from this project. I said a kind of… because this is a proposal vs. reality photo – a rendered image that we designed for the client and the actual end result.

What do you think?

If you look closer, some of the elements are the same, but some of them are different, and that is the result of a design process that is not rigid. We can change it and adapt it to the new things our clients see and like. In the end, what really matters , when you enter the actual room, is to get the same mood and feeling  you had seeing the proposal.

Author: Dana Kallo
Date: September 21, 2017