1 bedroom becomes a 2 bedroom flat

The smaller the space, the bigger the challenge! This project came with an unusual request. Our clients, a family of 3 asked us to insert a second bedroom into a small one bedroom apartment. By changing some of the old rooms functions, and creating an open space kitchen living area, we transformed the existing kitchen into a bedroom. The second big challenge of the project was to incorporate as many storage space as possible. The solution we came up with was to crate a raised floor into the new bedroom, and replace the traditional bed with a double mattress placed directly on the new floor. Inside the floor the space was partitioned, allowing for multiple storage spaces. To accommodate an impressive book collection, we fitted metallic shelves, covered by white curtains. We moved the dressing area in the old closed terrace, next to the new bedroom, and we replaced the door with a pocket door, for more space in the room. The bathroom and hallway, got additional storage space, and a bespoke baby wardrobe was designed for the kids room.