How about lighting?

Set your lights for a good mood

Recently I thought a lot about lights & shadows, especially after reading a couple of books on the subject. I also checked Pinterest, other interior design blogs and in the end I turned to my own designs and projects. Although a couple of nice interiors caught my attention, the sad conclusion is that we treat the subject way too easily.

I mean think about it! How many times did you choose a lighting fixture just because it had a nice shape, a shiny finish or good value for the money? How many times did you turn a fixture on and off before buying it to notice what kind of light and shadow it drops? With online shopping it’s even more difficult. We base our decision on photoshopped pictures that most of the time don’t reflect the truth.

Lighting fixtures are much more then pretty decorations or simple sources of light. Used in the right way and in conjunction with other fixtures, they can dress a space in shadows, and more importantly, in mood. Maybe you’ve seen it in museums or movies. It’s a mysterious light that brings a rich atmosphere and sets the background for stories to be told.

Author: Dana Kallo
Date: April 21, 2017