Black Fox Box

With the help of our professional team and the right tools, you can be your own interior designer!


If you have a room that needs attention but you don’t know where to start, if you are excited to paint, shop or style but you can’t decide the colours or find the right shops and tradesmen, we are here to help. We will guide you in the right direction, and with the help of our design box you will be able to create the room of your dreams.

The Black Fox Box is an actual elegant black box, containing drawings, mood boards, paint colours, finishes samples (like carpets, wooden floors, tiles) and all the design tools professionals use to organize the design of an interior. Our box is tailored for your specific room and it’s a comfortable way of keeping everything related to the renovation & design process in one place over the course of the project.

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Full Design Service

What can we do for you? Consultancy, design, building, supply, acquisitions, project management and a lot more!


We value time and we know it’s a very limited resource, so we make it our goal to help our clients use their time the best way possible. We can manage all aspects of a renovation or a newly built property. From the concept design phase throughout budgeting and the building process we can offer support, guidance or a turn key service to ease your worries about your home or business.

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Design Consultation

For colour consultations and advice on furniture selection or decoration call us to visit your property and you will receive professional advice and solutions on the spot.


We offer 2 hour design consultations in your home or office. We will walk together through every room that needs improvement to discuss, take photos and suggest the best solutions for your design dilemmas.

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Solutions for any type of space

We take pride in offering a hands-on approach to tailor the design and services for each client and interior space. Our main focus is on modern apartments & houses, quirky offices & restaurants. If you like the same things and you have a project in mind, we would be happy to hear about it and adapt our services below to meet your project’s goals.

As people who live and breathe interior design, we are always open to new creative projects. Naturally, creating stunning residential properties is at the very heart of what we do. We are passionate about forming relationships with homeowners from all walks of life and love helping them to turn their four walls into a place they can proudly call home.

While we are extremely devoted to home interior design, our ambitious team never shy away from larger challenges. Showhouse design is one of our specialities and a task we find more rewarding with each successfully completed project. Our previous clients have expressed great satisfaction with our work and we endeavour to maintain and expand upon our excellent reputation in this area.

After several stagnant years, we are excited to see construction kicking off again around Ireland. We are eager to be part of this positive growth and recognise our opportunity to do so through assisting property developers nationwide with showhouse design. As homeowners and former buyers ourselves, we realise the difference that an attractive showhouse design can make when it comes to making that final decision. Potential buyers are seeking more than blank walls and a garden. They want to walk in somewhere that they can imagine calling home now and for many years to come. It truly is the details that matter. Through dressing and personalising show houses and apartments, we can assist developers in creating liveable spaces that are guaranteed to spark the interest of property viewers. If you have a particular style or clientele in mind, our dedicated team of interior designers are more than happy to tailor make a suitable showhouse design down to the smallest of details.

Maybe you are not a property developer or builder, but a homeowner preparing to put your own house on the market. With our showhouse design service, we can guide you through this transitionary life period. We pride ourselves in our ability to enhance the natural beauty of any space and through some careful dressing and finishing touches, we will ensure the character of your home shines through. We realise that moving home is a daunting and expensive task but not to worry. By working with us, we can show you how carefully placed investments on the key areas can lead to impressive results.