Ideas for an updated design

Guidelines for a refreshed room look

These are some guide lines regarding the endless design possibilities you have when you think about changing or refreshing your living room. Although taste and style differs from one person to another at the end of the day, most of us want the same for our rooms. A place to sit comfortably, to put our feet up, to read surrounded by pleasant lighting or watch TV next to a coffee that sits on a sturdy table with enough room to put down our laptop. And above all of this, we need a familiar space with an interesting look where, from time to time, we can change small things to spice it up.


Try to be creative when choosing your pieces of furniture, mix tastefully different sofas, armchairs and tables. You will be amazed to end up with an original room that mirrors your own style and personality. And if you still have doubts think about finding a replacement for a broken chair you bought 5 years ago in a set of 6 and you will see why mix and match can ease your life. 🙂


Resist the temptation of using your favourite material on all the walls, floors, tables and cupboards. Bring in objects that break the norm. If the room is too rich in wood bring in glass or metal reflections. If you are in love with a white lacquer finish, excite your senses with a fluffy rug. All these changes will add to the existing décor, will give variety and keep the eye moving.


Traditional furniture against the walls works best for a small room that needs freedom of movement. But for larger rooms, you can get more from pushing your sofa and armchairs towards the centre, generating different-sized pockets of furniture, suitable for all types of activities. A big open plan interior is more inviting and lively if you create a path inside it instead of having a large empty space in the middle.


We encourage our clients to use pieces of artwork in every room, especially in the living room. Nowadays you can find a lot of info over the Internet and design magazines about how to position different-sized frames and prints on walls, so be smart and take advantage of it. Don’t just add more paintings to the wedding pictures, family portraits and retro prints already on the wall. If not careful you might end up with too many styles and sizes and instead of appreciating each piece you will be annoyed by the overall mess.

Author: Dana Kallo
Date: April 21, 2017