Design for kids

A fun playroom & bedroom design

This week we have a fun and colourful project. We are working to transform two ordinary rooms into a playroom/study and a shared bedroom for Alessia and Irene (age 7 & 4 years old). Doing interior design for kids is always a pleasure; it gives us the chance to be creative, to play with patterns, colours and shapes.

But there are also a lot of challenges on the way. We have to offer a safe and flexible interior design that will allow for changes to be made easily in the future. Kids grow fast, they change their likes all the time and they get bored in no time. Besides, teaching them to be tidy and organized is important, so it’s a must to have easy to use storage for toys and clothes. Furthermore, by adding to the equation personal preference for colours, good light in the rooms and a decent budget, we end up with a very serious design.

For Alessia and Irene we separated the functions and gave each room a different feel. Keeping in mind that kids need as much space as possible we left the centre of both rooms free of furniture and obstacles. The bedroom is designed for sleep, watching cartoons and clothes storage while the playroom is for games, homework and toys storage. Because the bedroom is the “quiet” zone we used colours like white, grey, green and pink accents. In the playroom, the daily centre of activities, we went for a bold colour scheme with saturated tones of lime, yellow and red. We also introduced bits of black through chalkboard paint effect and some Ikea bookcases. We kept the furniture as simple and modular as possible so when needed, the rooms can be refreshed just by rearranging the existing pieces.

Author: Dana Kallo
Date: April 21, 2017