Ghost furniture – Transparency in design

Good interior design means working with a lot of elements, constantly balancing colours, materials, textures, volumes and lights. When the need to simplify arises, where too many styles would clash, I adopt one concept which is of great help: TRANSPARENCY.

Ghost furniture classic design
A busy background balanced by a minimalist chair design
Ghost furniture classic style chiar
Colours and patterns take the spotlight around a ghost chair

Technological advancements of the last century gifted us a new material called acryl. A polymer that is not only durable but less expensive and easier to shape. From this, a new style of furniture emerged. I like how versatile the acrylic furniture can be. Designers use it in any type of interior next to any colour or texture they can think of.

Transparency in furniture design
Ghost furniture chairs

We know this as ghost furniture. Light, see-through set of objects defined by shape and described through lack of volume. We can use ghost furniture made of glass or acryl to finish a room without adding more, or to add style and design in a subtle manner.

Transparent furniture design
Innovative furniture design using transparency and light

As technology continues to develop, new and interesting features are added to both glass and acryl furniture. Renowned companies like Kartell, Fiam and Glas Italia are working on bigger, better and more colourful transparent pieces of furniture. 2015 Uncle Jack is the largest transparent sofa, while Shimmer Table and Shelve by Patricia Urquiola is a peek into the future through the multi-chromatic changing finish that varies with light and angle of the viewer.

transparent sofa design
Uncle Jack sofa

Check our Donnybrook apartment renovation to see how we implemented this design concept in our work by using the Tobias chair.

Author: Dana Kallo
Date: April 22, 2017