New blog & New ideas

We are open and ready for business! 

1st day for our blog, so let’s get to know each other: I am Dana, designer and studio founder for Black Fox Interiors and DotKa. 

I will post here as often as I can about news, designs and all kind of pretty shiny things that excites me and my colleagues and make our day brighter and more inspired.

We will have good days, fuelled by fresh project ideas, and blue days with quotes and moody pictures.  But hey, when you are working, living and breathing design, everything is a source of inspiration 🙂

I will try to keep you posted about our projects progress with their ups and downs and if some day or week I am too busy working on something (I might be in the zone so no food, sleep or talk for me), just scroll down main idea page and check my latest pins. I’m always looking for stuff on Pinterest and I always find a world of interesting things to share.

Author: Dana Kallo
Date: April 21, 2017