Render, Reality, Simulation and Photography

black fox interiors living room

We understand that embarking on any renovation venture is a costly endeavor. No matter of what you choose to redesign, your home or your office, a shop or restaurant and how imaginative you are, it can be difficult to picture how to start or complete a room that is a black canvas. As a result, investing in the unknown can be daunting. For this we love to offer our clients a 3D simulation design service, or simply called render visuals. With the help of this images we create virtual tours of any space before the work on site or investments begin. From wallpaper pattern to tiles design and rugs colours, all the ideas can be incorporated into the virtual interior, taking projects from flat paper plans to real life.

Top: render image – Under: real photo

We finished the photo shooting for one of the apartments we designed last summer. We are pleased to look back and see how the real photo compared with our proposal; a render image that we designed for the client to show the potential of the room.

What do you think?

Left: render – Right: real photo

If you look closer, some of the elements are the same, but some differ, and that is the result of a design process that is not rigid. We can update the render and adapt it to reflect the changes of an on going project.

Author: Dana Kallo
Date: September 21, 2017