Full Design Service

What can we do for you? Consultancy, design, building, supply, acquisitions, project management and a lot more!


We value time and we know it’s a very limited resource, so we make it our goal to help our clients use their time the best way possible. We can manage all aspects of a renovation or a newly built property. From the concept design phase throughout budgeting and the building process we can offer support, guidance or a turn key service to ease your worries about your home or business.

All our full design projects start with a meeting, recording and research phase. We visit your property, we take measurements, photographs and than we build a brief based on your needs, likes and dislikes. Together we will discover how good design can help your lifestyle, attract more clients or improve your workspace

Based on your feedback we will select the best concept for your interior and we will model it into a 3D simulation so that you can see your new home or office in photorealistic images before any finishes or furniture are purchased, before you invest in tradesmen and materials.

Once we know how the space is going to look like we will develop the project further with all the supporting materials, detailed drawings, budgets and schedules. All these will help us and the selected builder to implement the design on time and in the budget agreed.Â

We can do all the legwork, shopping, organizing deliveries and supervising installations so that you can manage your business or enjoy the time with your family. We will be always in constant communication with all the tradesmen and suppliers, and we will update you on all the important aspects of the renovation process.Â

So kick back, relax and enjoy a hassle-free project!